Light deprivation polycarbonate panels

Polijuana®: the polycarbonate sheets for marijuana greenhouses

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  • 100% light deprivation
  • Opaque white exterior with grey interior to reduce solar heat gain
  • Unbreakable lightweight material
  • UV Protection prevents yellowing and heat and light deterioration
  • Anti-drip coat
  • Bendable material for curved roofs


  • Superior insulating qualities to accommodate longer growing seasons
  • Opaque appearance provides security and privacy
  • Strong, durable construction protects against pests, vandals and harsh weather
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • PoliCarb® products are warrantied for 10 years


  • Thickness: 8mm Twinwall
  • Weight: 0.307 lbs/ft
  • Par Light Transmission = 79%
  • R-value: 1.724
  • U-value: 0.580
  • VLT- 0%
  • SHGC = 0.783
  • 2 sided UV protection
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